“You’re the French to my toast” 

Embellished frames filled with French paintings, intricate wrought iron furniture, an Eiffel Tower, and the smell of freshly baked croissants! French Toast Koffie Kaffee is sure to take you on a journey through the streets of Paris. 

The cafe is located approximately 50 minutes from Johannesburg in the small, serene town of Hartbeespoort. The journey is definitely worth it! Roads can be quite bumpy, and the odd pothole does make an appearance, but a 4×4 isn’t necessary. We managed just fine in a Mini Cooper! 

As the name suggests, the menu offers meals centered mainly around French Toast. There are breakfast options with bacon, eggs and hollandaise sauce, savoury options with beef burger fillets or crumbed mozzarella, or sweet options with maple syrup, berries and bananas. The variety promises that you will surely find a dish to suit your taste! 

I opted for the classic French toast stack with maple syrup on the side. 

French toast stack with maple syrup

Light and flavoursome, I didn’t want it to end! The presentation also got 10 points! My sister ordered a slight variation, with cream cheese mousse and berry compote. 

French toast with cream cheese mousse and berry compote

I must say, even though the classic will always be my favourite, this option was a good rival! I found that the cream cheese mousse ensured that it was moist, and complimented the berry compote perfectly. 

Hartbeespoort is a must-visit town when you have some time, and I would definitely recommend visiting this cute Parisian cafe! ♥️ 

– A 

Exterior of the cafe
Eiffel Tower replica
Love locks

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