Boracay Food!

One of my favourite parts about travelling is getting to experience new food.. the different flavours, colours, textures, and smells form part of an unforgettable gastronomic experience which is then linked to memories of each country. Sangria and paella in Spain, chicken tikka masala in India, or Thai red curry in Phuket.. Food makes the experience that much more exhilirating!

I visited Boracay in January 2017, but I did not have time beforehand to research all the different dining options. Traditional Filipino food consists of dishes such as roasted pig, cured beef, and meat in a tomato stew. It doesn’t sound very appetizing to be honest, and it also doesn’t leave many options for a Hindu person like myself. In fact, I did not try ANY Filipino food whilst in Boracay! Here is a rundown on what I did try 🙂


A famous seafood market in Boracay, D’Talipapa is situated in Station 2 on White Beach. The idea is that you hand-pick and buy fresh seafood from various stalls, and then have it cooked at one of the many surrounding restaurants. Seafood ranges from crab and lobster to fish and prawns, and the restaurants are able to create dishes as per your cooking and flavour requirements.




We opted for an angel fish and prawns. Considering that seafood is quite expensive here in SA, these prices were very affordable! The fish and half of the prawns were done braai-style (over a fire), and the other half of the prawns were done tempura-style. It was an incredibly tasty and fresh meal! I have never eaten tempura prawns which were that large before!


D’Talipapa is a must when in Boracay, and I can assure you that it won’t disappoint!


Boracay is filled with fruit shake bars offering shakes made from fresh fruits such as banana, coconut, watermelon, pineapple, and mango. One bar that is particularly popular is Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Snack Bar, located at White Beach’s Station 1.


We ordered the watermelon shake and the banana choco shake (one of the best-sellers). Delicious! The watermelon shake was the perfect thirst quencher for the blazing heat in Boracay, and the choco banana shake was like a dessert in a bottle!



Probably thee best Italian restaurant on the island! I read about Aria before we left, and there were plenty of great reviews. I must say, it did live up to the expectation! The restaurant is located at Station 2 on Boracay’s White Beach, just outside the D’Mall. I am a complete sucker for pasta and risotto, and one of the favourites at Aria is the seafood risotto. Naturally, I ordered it…

AMAZING! So full of flavour! Whenever I order risotto, it’s either a hit or a miss because the texture is quite tricky to get right. The chefs at Aria did a perfect job! They were also not shy with the amount of seafood in the dish… score!
We also ordered a chicken pizza… crispy base, gooey mozzarella, and the perfect mix of herbs! The experience at Aria was everything I expected, and more.


Warm, crispy churros served with thick, dark chocolate! This is what you will find at Don Churro. Also located along the popular White Beach, this little cafe serves an amazing dessert or snack option. The churros are made fresh, right in front of you, and are served with a side of warm, melted dark chocolate. Walk across the path, and there is seating available with a view of Boracay’s stunning beaches.



About 5 days in to a holiday, we always start craving Indian food. There’s only so much pasta, pizza and grills one can eat before you need something with a kick! Boracay does not have many Indian options, but we managed to find a true gem at True Food. I was extremely impressed with this Indian food because 1) It tasted exactly like food from India and, 2) the portions were huge!


We ordered the chicken tikka masala and the chana masala, with naan, puri and basmati rice. The spices were perfect, the chicken was soft, the puri was light and fluffy, and the naan was cooked to perfection. I honestly did not expect to find such good Indian food in the Philippines!


True Food is located at Station 2 along White Beach, and also has seating on the beach!


Just behind Boracay’s White Beach, lies a small cafe serving ALL things coconut! We stumbled upon 100% Coconut Cafe by accident, but we are so glad we stopped for a treat. Literally everything on the menu contains coconut! We indulged in a cream puff filled with coconut cream, a coconut tartlet, a coconut shake, and an iced coconut latte.


Coconuts are extremely popular on the island. Local supermarkets sell a variety of coconut products. We brought back coconut chips, which were basically coconut shavings baked to a crisp, as well as coconut sugar! The coconut sugar was divine! I got so used to using it in my coffee, and now I’ve run out. 😦

Whilst the beaches of Boracay may be its main attraction, the food options are sure to send you on an adventure as well! Bon Appetit!




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